Kandar Anubhuti

Kandar Anubhuti is a deeply philosophical and spiritual treatise with profound mystical import of Saint Arunagirinathar, who stands unique among the devotee-saints of the Tamil Nadu. His Thiruppugazh is considered as a musical and rhythmic manthra that would lead the bhaktha to the path of devotion, enlightenment and bliss. Kandar Anubhuti is a work of 51 verses. It is held in high esteem as a Mantra-Sastra and as the crowning glory of Sri Arunagirinathar's works, because of its high spiritual value and depth. The verses are short, rather the smallest in all the works of Arunagirinathar, but they are the most sublime. As the title suggests, it is a work on divine Muruga experience of Arunagirinathar and is sure to take a devotee to attain the same experience. (Source: www.palanitemples.com/english/kandar_anubhuti.htm)

I have included the Kandar Anubhuti along with Namavali both as the audio and text files. I dedicate this to my teacher, Smt. Lalitha Narasimhan, who kindly introduced me to this wonderful work of Arunagirinathar and also to Smt. Kanthimathi Santhanam, who set all the verses of Kandar Anubhuti to different ragas and included the namavali to be rendered along with most of the verses.

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