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2. Janta Swaras

Upper Sthayi Swaras

Dhatu Swaras


A basic explanation of Talams

Every talam has a structure, that is governed by the rules pertaining to it. For example, if we take the most common talam - Chaturasra Jathi Triputa Talam (Adi Talam), we can describe the process of the talam as :

1 beat of the palm of the hand on the thigh,
followed by counting three fingers, then beating the palm and turning it over,
then beating the palm and turning it over again.

If we count a number each for every beat, fingercount or turn of the palm - the number comes to eight. So the talam has eight units. The units are called Aksharams and the Adi talam has 8 aksharams. The first part of the talam which consists of the beating of the palm & counting is called Laghu. Here the number of units is 4 (Chaturasram) and the laghu is Chaturasra laghu. The Jathi of the laghu determines the jathi of the talam so the talam is Chaturasra jathi Adi Talam.

The next process of beat and turning the palm is called Drutham. It is done twice, so the tala has 2 druthams. Thus Chaturasra Jathi Triputa Talam (Adi) has one Chaturasra Laghu and two druthams. The symbol for laghu is | and the subscript represents the jathi and the symbol for drutham is O and hence, this thalam will be represented as |
4 O O. Thus, from the above, we understand that a talam has laghu, drutham and these are called Angams (parts) of the talam. In some cases, there may be half of drutham, i.e., just the beat of the palm without turning it and is called Anudrutham.

The structures of different talams used in this beginners’ section, set to the first kAla (speed) are shown in the following videos. 2 cycles of each talam are shown in these videos.

The beginners are advised to practice the Sarali to alankara in three kAlas. In the first kAla the eight units of the Adi tAla will have one Akshara each. During the second kAla, the same swaras are sung with two letters per unit of the tAla and similarly in the third kAla, four aksharas will be used per unit.


1. Adi Talam (Chaturasra Jathi Triputa) - Sarali Swaram 1

2. Dhruva Talam (Chaturasra Jathi) - Alankaram 1

3. Matya Talam (Chaturasra Jathi) - Alankaram 2

4. Rupaka Talam (Chaturasra Jathi) - Alankaram 3

5. Triputa Talam (Tisra Jathi) - Alankaram 4

6. Jhampa Talam (Misra Jathi) - Alankaram 5

7. Ata Talam (Khanta Jathi) - Alankaram 6

8. Eka Talam (Chaturasra Jathi) - Alankaram 7

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