After uploading traditional Carnatic music in the form of easy-to-learn MP3 files and documents and also devotional songs on various Gods, I thought it would be in order if I upload some of the famous shlokas of our Acharyas and great devotees. Music, whether Carnatic or Hindustani, have Bhakti as the underlying bhava. The music should elevate one to higher realms of the intrinsic values. I am of the opinion that my web site should include shlokas, which not only are rich in content but also inspire bhakti and lead to the ultimate knowledge about the Self.

These shlokas are presented FULL in
online streaming mode for the convenience of those interested.

1. Murugan Songs

2. Krishna Songs

3. Ayyappan Songs

4. Sai Bhajan

5. Miscellaneous Songs
Shlokas(Free download)